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5300 Commerce Building

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5300 Commerce Building is located just off the 5300 South Exit of I-15 in Salt Lake City Utah.
5300 Commerce Building - Suite 104 Entrance

5300 Commerce Building - Suite 104 Entrance

Commercial buildings need to be updated every 5 to 7 years. The 5300 Commerce Building had a need to up-date in order to keep existing tenants and attract new tenants. In order to attract new tenants, the owner wanted a more up-beat look that would attract state of the art businesses. Money was saved by using the existing floor tile. The owner was able to attract Telesphere as a hi-tech tenant by replacing chair rails, traditional plant-ons, lighting, carpeting, furniture, dated paint colors, and silk plants.
5300 Commerce - Men's Restroom Before Remodel

5300 Commerce Building - Men's Restroom. Before Remodel.

5300 Commerce Building - Men's Restroom. After remodel.

5300 Commerce Building - Men's Restroom. After Remodel.

The building’s restrooms had not been up-dated for 15 years. We replaced 1980′s floor tile and 1990′s wall covering with a 13 X 13 tile making the room look larger. We saved monies by repainting the partitions with a automotive paint. We also added hands free sensors to the toilets and new hands free faucets and soap dispensers. New mirrors and lighting added warmth to the rooms.
DSCN0439 -web

5300 Commerce Building - Color Board

5300 Commerce - Elevator Lobby

5300 Commerce - Elevator Lobby

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