5300 Commerce Building

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5300 Commerce Building is located just off the 5300 South Exit of I-15 in Salt Lake City Utah.
5300 Commerce Building - Suite 104 Entrance

5300 Commerce Building - Suite 104 Entrance

Commercial buildings need to be updated every 5 to 7 years. The 5300 Commerce Building had a need to up-date in order to keep existing tenants and attract new tenants. In order to attract new tenants, the owner wanted a more up-beat look that would attract state of the art businesses. Money was saved by using the existing floor tile. The owner was able to attract Telesphere as a hi-tech tenant by replacing chair rails, traditional plant-ons, lighting, carpeting, furniture, dated paint colors, and silk plants.
5300 Commerce - Men's Restroom Before Remodel

5300 Commerce Building - Men's Restroom. Before Remodel.

5300 Commerce Building - Men's Restroom. After remodel.

5300 Commerce Building - Men's Restroom. After Remodel.

The building’s restrooms had not been up-dated for 15 years. We replaced 1980′s floor tile and 1990′s wall covering with a 13 X 13 tile making the room look larger. We saved monies by repainting the partitions with a automotive paint. We also added hands free sensors to the toilets and new hands free faucets and soap dispensers. New mirrors and lighting added warmth to the rooms.
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5300 Commerce Building - Color Board

5300 Commerce - Elevator Lobby

5300 Commerce - Elevator Lobby


Home Staging Ideas (Curb Appeal)

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Let us start with Curb Appeal. In order to sell your home you must draw that person out of the car, onto the sidewalk and up to the front door and it must look pristine from the street to the doorknob. Here is a list to help you evaluate and make a plan to improve your homes curb appeal.

1.   Can you see your Home? Clean up the landscape clutter.  Any leaves, overgrown shrubs and bushes, or other clutter will detract from your home’s curb appeal. (Hide garbage containers.)

2.   How is the landscaping? Make sure that the grass is watered, edged and mowed.  Add flowers to cheer up the area. (Flower pots near the Front Door will draw people in.)

3.   Clean or paint exterior.  Is it a neutral color? Remember neutral is the key here.  Start with the trim if you can’t paint the whole house, especially around the front door.  It can be as simple as painting the front door a different color.   Replace, paint and at times add shutters.

4.   How is the driveway?  Repair cracks, clean up oil stains and clear everything off.

5.   How is the walkway to the front door defined? Add flowers and clean or add new door hardware.  If the front entry area has a patio, refinish the patio and deck and create a nice  sitting area .

6.   Do you need new exterior lighting fixtures, front door mate, house numbers and mail box?

Curb appeal is the ribbon part of the whole package.  From the curb, a well maintained front yard means a well maintained home.